Welcome to Term 3!

Although the return to Term 3 has certainly not been what anyone would have wanted, we are delighted to share that the transition back to Remote Learning by our students has been exceptionally smooth.

All students have shown a great resilience and attitude toward the change in their learning environment, and have remained engaged and motivated in their learning.

The changes that we have implemented this time around from the feedback received from our parents, students and staff in Term 2 has been met with further positive feedback. This has enhanced our Remote Learning opportunities for students to work digitally alongside their peers and online with their teachers.

The provision of a new range of formats will continue to deliver a high quality education and to maximise outcomes for our students. These now include live sessions, pre-recorded videos, online interactive activities, project based study, live and pre-recorded fitness opportunities, live experiments, live story times, captain meetings and year level assemblies to name but a few.

Through the creation of lessons, video production, marking, assessment and forward planning, our teachers are working extremely hard to meet the needs of every child. Both classroom and specialist teachers are providing feedback on targeted pieces of work highlighted in yellow, and will do so in a timely manner over the week. A reminder that some teachers work part-time and will respond on the days that they work.

To ensure your child succeeds and makes appropriate progression through the Victorian Curriculum we ask that children complete tasks independently as best they can. We still continue to advocate for you to undertake ‘what you can, when you can’, and fully appreciate the range of different circumstances facing each family.