Reflections on 2021

2020 has been a challenging year in education, however Mount Waverley North Primary School has continued to flourish in new ways whilst navigating the pressures of the pandemic.

We look back and reflect on all the achievements of our school this year and in particular our students, who have demonstrated resilience, connection and determination throughout the school year. Whilst we have moved from on-site to remote learning a number of times this year, our students’ ability to remain motivated and engaged in the differing environments has been outstanding.

We acknowledge the endless commitment and dedicated work of our staff and thank them for nurturing each student in their care. Our school is very lucky to have not only committed teachers but working alongside them a number of Education Support staff in their various roles. These include the outstanding support and work of our Education Support Staff, Cultural Aides, ICT technicians and of course our Administration Team.

MWNPS has continued to enable high growth and achievement across our student cohorts, with a strong focus this year on supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of all students. Without our parents and carers working with us, their patience and understanding and their continued support, we would not have been as successful in educating our students this year.

There are so many people to thank, and it would be impossible to mention all who have contributed to a successful 2020 for the school. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all families who are leaving the school at the end of this year for their support of the school and involvement in our school community. Suffice to say, we are blessed to have such a connected and involved school community, and wish to acknowledge each and every one who has assisted in any way, to make Mount Waverley North the great community it is.

On behalf of our entire staff team, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, enjoying the festive season with family and friends, and taking just a few moments to consider how lucky we are - to be a part of this amazing school community, and to have so much to be grateful for.

Thank you also for the thoughtful cards, gifts and words of gratitude staff have received recently. They are very much appreciated by us all.

If you are travelling these holidays, travel safely, and if you are having a ‘stay home’ vacation, enjoy the many opportunities to relax, recharge and revitalise. We will look forward to hearing all of your stories in the New Year.