Vision and Values

Our School Vision

At Mount Waverley North Primary School we:

  • Have high expectations and challenge ourselves to reach for aspirational goals.

  • Are an inclusive learning environment. Our students, families, staff and the wider community commit to positive relationships to achieve social-emotional wellbeing and academic success.

  • Cater for the needs of our students by providing engaging curriculum and innovative practices.

  • Nurture curiosity and inquiring minds by providing rich learning experiences.

  • Are courageous, resourceful learners who are self-aware and empathetic.

Our School Values

At Mount Waverley North Primary School we promote a learning environment that engages all students, families and staff in working together as a learning community.

Our core School values are:

Respect - We respect ourselves, each other and the environment. We interact with others in a positive, courteous and kind manner. We celebrate our differences and diversity.

Integrity - We take responsibility for our actions and we are reliable, trustworthy and honest. We are fair and always give our best. 

Excellence - We have high expectations of ourselves and those around us. We maintain a growth mindset and strive to achieve our goals. We seek continuous improvement.

Global Citizenship - We have an appreciation for and are curious about the world, its cultures and the diversity of its peoples. We are prepared to take action to better our world, both locally and beyond.