Numeracy at Mount Waverley North Primary School has a strong focus of engaging students in explicit teaching regarding the skills and knowledge of mathematics, supported by open-ended maths tasks based around real life experiences. Our philosophy is that mathematical skills and a positive attitude towards this learning area will assist and support our children to be skilled mathematicians, able to actively participate in their world growing up. During Numeracy lessons, students are taught specific strategies and skills, which enable them to work confidently and independently to solve problems, work towards finding an appropriate strategy and actively participate in the language of Mathematics.


From Prep to Year 6, students engage in mathematical investigations allowing them to build their skills through meaningful tasks. Students develop deep mathematical understandings through manipulation of materials and making connections within mathematical areas to develop their mathematical thinking.


During lessons, an introduction to establish the learning intention and success criteria set the scene for student learning activities designed to allow students to learn and develop their skills and knowledge, as well as participate in a variety of hands on tasks. Explicit teaching of skills and strategies are an integral part of learning. Teachers are regularly assessing students’ skills and understandings both informally and formally. Lessons concludes with a reflection. It is at this time that the student reflects on the learning intention and success criteria and how they have worked towards achieving success or questioning areas of concern. All classrooms are equipped with well-stocked numeracy centres providing students with the hands-on resources to promote independent learning.