Science plays an important role at Mount Waverley North Primary School and is a focus at all levels. The Victorian Curriculum – Science, offers flexibility for teachers to tailor their teaching in ways that provide rigorous, relevant and engaging learning and assessment opportunities for our diverse range of students. Teachers use a variety of learning opportunities, experiences, natural environments and people resources in our local community to make student learning real and meaningful to their life and society.

Students participate in regular science lessons with practical, hands-on experiments. These are delivered by both our regular visiting Scientist – Sally, and through classroom investigations. Students are encouraged to investigate scientific topics, presenting a hypothesis to conduct their experiments before reaching a conclusion. Students are engaged in real life activities about survival, innovation, change and discovery.

The school has a well-equipped science resource room, containing a large quantity of exciting and useful equipment. This includes investigative equipment including microscopes, human body models, equipment for electrical circuitry and much more. There are also materials and tools for making models and equipment for science or technology projects.