Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Program at Mount Waverley North Primary School provides students with the opportunity to communicate their ideas or expand their mind creatively. The purpose of the Performing Arts is to give the students a creative outlet and challenge them in new and exciting ways they may not have thought they were capable of.

During weekly Performing Arts lessons taught by our specialist Performing Arts teacher, skills in the Performing Arts disciplines are developed through practical application. Students explore the arts elements, principals, skills, techniques and processes through performing, creating and presenting. Through a process of creative exploration involving imagination and experimentation, students work within a social learning environment to explore their experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings. Through this creative process, students develop invaluable social skills and learn to work effectively as a member of a team and individually.

Students at Mount Waverley North Primary School also have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through private tuition during school time. Further information on these lessons is available from the office and on the Music Tutor Program page on this website.