Physical Education

Our comprehensive Health and Physical Education program provides our students with many opportunities, all of which work together to provide a wide-ranging Health and PE curriculum.

The Physical Education program is designed to give students the fundamental motor skills that are required to become successful in a wide variety of sports. Throughout all year levels students are provided a safe environment to build confidence in performing in individual and team sports, utilising the excellent range of sporting equipment available to the school.

All year levels are also given the lifelong tools to lead a healthy lifestyle. These tools include fitness education, healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle recommendations.

Beyond weekly Physical Education lessons, a range of opportunities for physical activity are offered at school, including:

  • All year levels participate in a swimming program which includes water safety at Huntingtower Swimming and Aquatic Centre (HSAC). This program allows students to build a strong foundation of swimming skills.

  • Senior students participate in a sport program which includes inter-school sport, round robin day and gala day.

  • Students in Year 3 to 6 have the opportunity to participate in the District Sporting Carnivals of swimming, athletics and cross country.

  • Middle and senior students are offered the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities such as Netball Victoria Schools Championships and the Aeroskools Aerobics Competition run by Gymnastics Australia.

  • Our Outdoor Education Program offers camps for our Middle and Senior students.

  • Topics explored in the Health Program include identity, traffic safety, sun-smart, people who help us, healthy living and healthy eating.

  • Each year we run a House Sports competition and participate in other whole school events like Coach Approach, where elite athletes and coaches run sessions with students in a range of sports.

  • As a school we celebrate sporting events such as The Olympic and Commonwealth Games by holding our own mini events where students represent one of the competing countries.

  • The Health and PE program is also supported by various incursions and clinics throughout the year.