At Mount Waverley North Primary School we are committed to maintaining and improving the health of our local environment, as well as learning about the importance of supporting the health of our Planet Earth.

To reduce our Carbon Footprint, the school is involved in various initiatives including:

  • National Ride 2 School Day;

  • Plant a Tree day;

  • Clean up Australia Day;

  • Nude-food days; and

  • Lights out Lunchtimes to reduce our energy usage.

Our Environment Club are active members of the community and work together with the student cohort to develop awareness and actions towards a sustainable environment. Our students are responsible for maintaining the vegetable gardens and we turn food scraps into compost to fertilise soil around the school. Paper and plastic is recycled and through fortnightly collections and we encourage students to minimise waste or recycle products that they use or produce in classrooms.

The school has 2KW Solar Panels which provide additional energy and allows us to keep track of our energy usage throughout the year. We are also registered in the School’s Water Efficiency Program which provides us with real-time data to track our water usage. By thoroughly monitoring water usage, we can detect and rectify leaks, saving water and money. The program also provides students with an opportunity to learn about water efficiency in a tangible and realistic environment.


Our School Kitchen Garden provides a unique space where students can immerse themselves in a space where we produce our own edible fruits and vegetables.

Our ‘Frog Bog’ behind Block B provides a natural environment for water creatures to live and thrive. It allows the exploration of a wetland ecosystem to complement classroom learning. The Frog Bog area is fenced and locked, but students can explore the area with teacher supervision at designated times.

Our ‘Dry Creek Bed’ at the front of the school encourages students to play and explore in a purposefully designed, unique space.