Student Leadership

Mount Waverley North Primary School promotes leadership amongst the students by offering a range of roles and responsibilities.

School Leadership
One of the privileges of being a Year 6 student is being able to apply for a range of school leadership positions. Within these roles, students host events, run assemblies, participate in school tours and promote leadership within the other year levels. These roles require the students to use their higher order thinking, listening, empathy skills and motivation to actively contribute to the school community. All leadership roles within the school are seen as extremely important in allowing the students to have a ‘voice’ in the school’s operations.

At Mount Waverley North Primary School, we focus on developing our students’ leadership skills through formal leadership programs and practical leadership experiences. This approach recognises that students can be leaders across many different areas, and that leadership skills learnt in primary school can lay the foundations for future leadership opportunities.

Junior School Council
Students from Year 1-6 have the opportunity to be a Junior School Council Representative. Each grade has two students that are representative members on the JSC, discussing and implementing the organisation of fundraisers and sharing of ideas to benefit the school.