Child Safe

The Victorian Government has announced new Child Safe Standards to further strengthen child safety across organisations, through Ministerial Order 1359 which sets out how the Victorian Child Safe Standards apply in school environments. The new standards recognise the critical importance of families and the broader school community in maintaining and promoting child safety and wellbeing.


All members of our school community have a responsibility to care for children and young people, to positively promote their wellbeing and protect them from any kind of harm or abuse.


The Mount Waverley North Primary School Child Safety policies and procedures demonstrate our school’s commitment to creating and maintaining a child safe and child-friendly organisation, where children and young people are safe and feel safe. They inform our school community of everyone’s obligations to act safely and appropriately towards children and guide our processes and practices for the safety and wellbeing of students across all areas of our work.

MWNPS Child Safety Policy
MWNPS Child Safety Code of Conduct
MWNPS Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures

MWNPS Child Safe Standards Aboriginal Learning, Wellbeing and Safety Action Plan

MWNPS Child Safe Standards Risk Register
Four Critical Actions - Responding to Incidents, Disclosures and Suspicions of Child Abuse


Volunteers must be familiar with our policies and procedures relating to child safety and understand the important role they play in maintaining and promoting the safety of our students. Please see:

Child Safety - Volunteers Induction Pack


We are committed to continuous improvement in our approach to child safety and wellbeing and welcome feedback from families and members of our school community on ways we can further strengthen our child safety policies, procedures and practices. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions, please contact the school on 9802 3168.


For more information on the Child Safe Standards please see:

Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
Department of Education and Training
Department of Families, Fairness and Housing

Commission for Children and Young People