Student Welfare


At Mount Waverley North Primary School we are very proud of our Chaplaincy Program. 

This is a pastoral care program and matters of faith are only pursued when the child (or parent) wishes to talk about them.

Our Chaplain, Carol Knox, provides our students, parents and staff with one on one support where required and also offers a number of valuable programs to both students and staff. She works with students, parents and teachers to assist in meeting the challenges that arise in their daily lives. Knowing there is someone there just for you, to talk to, to listen, to encourage and to walk with you can be very comforting. Children today have to deal with some very ‘grown up’ issues such as family break-up, grief, addictions, anxiety and conflict. These can be traumatic for them and affect their ability to concentrate and learn.

Access to the program is through self, parent, or teacher referral to the principal team. These Carol is available as a support to both students and parents and is at the school on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Please feel free to call in to school or ring to arrange a meeting to see Carol if you would like to have a chat with her.

What does a Chaplain do?

The role of a Chaplain is to care. They are there for the child when he/she needs someone to listen to them. They are another adult who can support our children.

A Chaplain can:

  • Run pastoral programs such as our Breakfast club (Tuesday and Friday mornings in the Hall)

  • Listen to a child when they want to talk

  • Provide pastoral care (encouragement and support)

  • Run support groups/short courses (e.g. anger management, grief support, social skills)

  • Help sort out a problem or issue with a child when they are disruptive or not coping in class

  • Refer a child to other professionals

  • Support teachers in class, helping out as needed

  • Listen to and help with teachers’ concerns

  • Connect with parents when the family is really struggling

  • Be available to talk with parents when they have concerns about their children